old adobe

Packrat Doom

pack rat food caches in old wine glasses

More old adobe lore

The little bastard just hung there looking at me, its oversized ears flared open and facing front. Kind of cute, actually, with big bright eyes, and the last thing I’d expect to see clinging to the rough boards in the northwest corner of the bathroom ceiling. The space above the “closet,” actually. There’s a wide [...]

Catching Up

old Taos adobe

Another iPhone 6s Plus shot, straight from the camera

We found a house for sale we simply loved, 2,100 square feet sitting on two acres of beautiful hillside with staggering views. You’d wake up every morning there and feel like you were on vacation. It was that impressive. There was even a gate and a flagpole. Although a Fannie Mae HomePath foreclosure, the house [...]

Llano Quemado Report

old Taos backyard

Visible portion of building is actually dead landlord’s apartment

That’s a little piece of the back yard. This is the semi-civilized area, the rest being sagebrush, chamisa, and cactus, but you still have to watch out for the goddamn ants. Man, if ants were money, I’d be rich, assuming I could wrangle them. The only way to sit at that table is with your [...]

Adobe Dawn

snowy Taos scene

January 30, about 7:00 a.m.

Eat it up, you myth addicts. It’s amazing how this can grab you, even as you realize your cargo pants are a darker shade of khaki now because it’s too damn hard to even think about the laundry when you have to weight the hose down in the kitchen sink and dry stuff by the [...]



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