Tucson Calling

scorpion in plastic

You won’t believe how many of these things I have »Buy This Photo!«

For some reason late two nights ago, I decided to take a picture of this fine artifact from a now-defunct rock shop near the so-called “mobile home retirement community”—hey, they have a golf course and a swimming pool—that my long-gone parents and until six weeks ago my younger brother William G. called home. He who [...]

Road Report: Rocky Ford, CO

cool old guy in electric wheelchair

I like this guy a lot. Ride on, dude.

A good place for someone I know, I thought, as we went driving through. Lots of cheap housing, plenty of meth and cantaloupes, and when you get old, you can motor back and forth across the street in your electric wheelchair until you’re run down by a teenaged idiot in a big 4WD talking on [...]



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