Only One Thing

lady hiker

Hiking in the Terrible High Desert

One of the resident raccoons knocked my homemade platform bird feeder off its post again last night, leaving it in pieces on the ground. The last time this happened was just two days ago around midnight. I was still up and heard the crash, so I grabbed a flashlight and peered out the kitchen window [...]

Tucson Calling

scorpion in plastic

You won’t believe how many of these things I have »Buy This Photo!«

For some reason late two nights ago, I decided to take a picture of this fine artifact from a now-defunct rock shop near the so-called “mobile home retirement community”—hey, they have a golf course and a swimming pool—that my long-gone parents and until six weeks ago my younger brother William G. called home. He who [...]

Crazy Heart Road Trip

Pontiac Vibe in Taos, NM

Annointed, as it were

We’re leaving soon for Iowa. A road trip like no other, given the Wild West and the roads I choose. Never an Interstate highway, all mostly empty two-lanes. None of that dances-with-semis bullshit and pulling off to fart and piss in herds. Yes, of course it takes a little longer, but not much, and the [...]

Another Almost Gone

sunset virga near Taos, NM

Sunset virga last week »Buy This Photo!«

For the longest time, I was the oldest of five. Then Teresa died, and I was the oldest of four. The way things are going with brother Bill in Tucson, I’m on the threshhold of being the oldest of three. I’m tired of dealing with death, especially in Arizona. Our parents died years apart, also [...]

The Thing That Wouldn’t Die

Oh, just me…

More distracted than angry, but this shot will do

What was I thinking? Of course it’s related to the book, i.e. The HELEN CHRONICLES: When Your Mother Falls Apart, the annotated collection of blog posts that tell the story of my mother’s chaotic last few years under the influence of dementia, Alzheimer’s, paranoia, schizophrenia, delusions, and hallucinations. All of a piece, too, those stories, [...]



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