Look Fast

yellow cottonwoods in Taos

Biodegradable adobes, yellow cottonwoods, & more

There they go, the leaves, brilliant yellow and then they’re gone. Another cold front with 60 mph gusts like we had this afternoon and that’ll be the end. Seems like we hardly just got started, and now we’re at the end again. I don’t know about this mountain shit. It’s just so impossibly, terribly, beautiful [...]

Ancient Art (Corpus Carpi)

Corpus Carpi painting

There’s something about this…

Well, it’s a quiet Saturday night—that’s how it gets, eventually—and I found this scan of a dusty slide of one of my old acrylic paintings. I wanted to see how it looks on a web page, so… Huh. Interesting. The image has meaning for me, and it works as a symbol. It’s based on a [...]

I just told someone the storage unit was “dangerous territory.” He asked if I meant snakes or memories. Well, we ain’t got no snakes. [interlude] Speaking of which, for all it’s being in the high desert and Southwestern and all, I think I’ve seen three snakes in the dozen years we’ve been here, and one [...]

Coyote Toilet

“Quiet!” she hushed, raising an index finger to her lips and cocking her head. She meant it, so I shut up. Seconds passed. “What is it?” I asked softly. “Like something outside, a wild animal, coyotes howling or something,” she replied, still searching for a match. Personally, I didn’t wonder. It’s hard to hear through [...]

And a Joy Arose Inside His Heart

So I walked up the mesa again today. It was ferociously windy, maybe 55 degrees, with a bright sun under mostly cloudless skies. Wearing only shorts and T-shirt, I wasn’t cold. What clouds there were blew over the mountains long and straight, cloud-taffy pulled out by the western wind. As I walked, I thought about [...]


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