Lock and Key

old adobe interior

Breathing will be easier next time

“Do you really want to leave this place?” the visitor demanded. The question was surprising but perhaps a probe. Both of them, however, spoke of ancient energy that wouldn’t let him go. “I can feel it,” said the visitor again. Not fifty yards away was an entrance to a kiva that some poor fool had [...]

iPhone 6s Plus video, about 40 seconds. Be sure to bump it up to 720p! Behold the Rio Grande deep inside its canyon! I shot this video a couple of weeks ago at the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument a few miles north of Pilar, where Native hunters used to camp. I love that [...]

Killer Kiva

kiva entrance

The ancient ones are not amused

The danger here is palpable. Call it what you will: angry spirits, corruption, evil vibes, you feel it. This was already here, a short distance away, when I first rented our old adobe on the hillside. It’s actually a kiva, an underground ceremonial chamber, or at least it was once. The Pueblo Natives who built [...]

Miss Native American

Miss Native American NMSU 2013-2014

Taos Pueblo rocks

Happy to be able to post this! Meet Valerie Lujan, Miss Native American NMSU (New Mexico State University) 2013-2014. This is another shot from the Taos Fiestas parade on July 21 and a welcome counterpoint to my earlier post about that day. Ms. Lujan is a tribal member of Taos Pueblo and got a great [...]

Picuris Morning Mist

Picuris Peak in the snow south of Taos, NM

Picuris Peak the morning after the last snow

Just over that mountain is Picuris Pueblo. The last time I was there, I watched a sun dance. A man dragged a buffalo head around the circle with leather thongs tied to bone needles pierced through the skin on his back. Round and round he went until he pulled free. Pottery fragments are everywhere up [...]



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