lazuli bunting

Western Tanagers!

Western Tanager

Might be a juvie

This has never happened before: tanagers, orioles, and lazuli buntings at the feeders, often at the same time. I’ve only seen female Bullock’s orioles so far. They and the female tanagers are hitting the hummingbird feeders, of course. (Jesus, this is turning into a bird blog!) Meanwhile the goddamn squirrels are on a rampage. Running [...]

More Lazuli!

Lazuli bunting

Now that is a bird

What am I supposed to do, not take a picture? He keeps coming back, and he’s got a mate! I’ll have a shot of her directly. Over ten years in this location and only one previous sighting; now they seem to be settling in the neighborhood. I should build them a birdhouse that looks like [...]

High Desert Jungle Bunting

lazuli bunting

Lazuli bunting waiting in ambush for his prey

It looks like a jungle to me, anyway. After fifteen years in northern New Mexico, I figure if I ever see two contiguous green plants again, I’ll keel right over from the shock. That bird looks so perfect, like he’s stuffed. Maybe he is stuffed. Doesn’t that look like a diorama? Oh right, who knows [...]

Bunting on the Barrel

lazuli bunting

You talkin’ to me?

Nobody’s complained yet, so here’s another lazuli bunting shot, this time with grosbeak interaction. How often do you see the back of one? For that matter, how often do you see a lazuli bunting in the first place? This is only the second one I’ve seen in my life, and he’s been around for a [...]

Bird Therapy

lazuli bunting

Lazuli bunting! Only the second one I’ve ever seen.

Ah, well. For a moment I forgot I was an immortal glowing ball of light. There is another way, of course. Just allow more seed! I mean, look what just showed up. This afternoon as I was walking in the Terrible Goddamn Beauty—not a thing to yearn for, get it straight—it occurred to me that [...]



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