lazuli bunting

Wonder of the Small

Lazuli bunting

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The lazuli bunting is such a little bird, smaller than a sparrow, smaller than an indigo bunting (which we also see)—but they’re so beautiful, I have to pay attention, and when I can, I take another picture. It’s just one of those things, like rainbows. What kind of an idiot doesn’t take a picture of [...]

Lazuli Break

Lazuli buntings

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They’re back in force now, including this pair. I’ve seen as many as five or six at a time. I just love lazuli buntings. They also go for the cheap birdseed that has the little tiny crap seeds hardly any other birds else will eat. That means the jays and magpies stay away. The black-headed [...]

First Lazuli Sighting

lazuli bunting

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Spring is an exciting time for birdwatching at 7,000 feet in the southern Rockies due to the many migrating species that pass through here each year. This little guy, the lazuli bunting, is one of my favorites. I think the males (like this one) will show brighter and more saturated colors a little later in [...]

Lazuli God Force II

Lazuli Bunting

It’s all here

You can do a lot of damage with an outfit like that. Just look at the fuzzy little bastard. It’s all a ruse, too. This thing is like Godzilla. You just think I take his picture because because he’s gorgeous. If you look at this picture long enough, unexpected things will happen in your body. [...]

Lazuli God Force

Lazuli Bunting

All of a sudden we have these now. I’ve seen three at once.

These birds are incredible. That they exist just slaps me silly. That I can look out my window at the feeder and there they are—in between the evil squirrel raids—is something special. I am one lucky goddamn sonofabitch. But just think how hard that lazuli bunting had to work to get to where he is [...]



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