Bullock’s oriole

Hummer Feeder Hijacked

Bullock’s Oriole on feeder

Local color »Buy This Photo!«

They’ll do it every time. This Bullocks oriole will even drink upside down if no other opportunity presents itself. I don’t think that would work for me. Once again note how the red light reflected off the feeder colors the throat and chest. »Buy This Photo!«

Western Tanagers!

Western Tanager

Might be a juvie

This has never happened before: tanagers, orioles, and lazuli buntings at the feeders, often at the same time. I’ve only seen female Bullock’s orioles so far. They and the female tanagers are hitting the hummingbird feeders, of course. (Jesus, this is turning into a bird blog!) Meanwhile the goddamn squirrels are on a rampage. Running [...]



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