black-headed grosbeak

Lazuli Break

Lazuli buntings

Shot through the living room window »Buy This Photo!«

They’re back in force now, including this pair. I’ve seen as many as five or six at a time. I just love lazuli buntings. They also go for the cheap birdseed that has the little tiny crap seeds hardly any other birds else will eat. That means the jays and magpies stay away. The black-headed [...]

Ripped Out of the Sky

Cooper’s Hawk with downed black-headed grosbeak

If he grabs you, better keep real still

A loud whomp against the window glass usually means a bird, so I got up to look outside. The trick is to find the unconscious feathered missile before the cat does and move it to a safe place; if its neck isn’t broken, the victim usually revives and flies away. That wasn’t the case with [...]



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