Lady the Wonder Dog

Beautiful Dreamer

raccoon track

Morning raccoon track!

“Yyou’re doing this to yourself,” she said. It was the sickness again. The impossibility of anything. I ought to give it a name, like an invisible raccoon, and tell it to go sit in the corner, except it would probably be the size of an elephant with fangs like butcher knives! Related or not, for [...]

youngish John H. Farr with dog

Guess who still has her choke chain

Something deep and dark has found me. The trigger came yesterday morning when I remembered Lady the Wonder Dog (above). The locale in that photo, though probably irrelevant, is Camden, Maine in ’78 or ’79. A few years later my wife went on sabbatical, and we were set to go to Europe for six long [...]

Monster of Love

blooming cholla in NM

Don’t get too close or it’ll gitcha

“Ohhh my heart is a monster of love swallow you up like a dove, in the eye of a hurricane ohhh making my heart sing, over and over again”                 (silly old song I wrote years ago – JHF) My wife drove off to her studio a while ago. These colors remind me of what she [...]



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