Jemez Springs

This is Not a Photo Blog (Hah!)

garage in Jemez Springs, NM

When I’m not here ↓ I’m making space for writing (Image: Jemez Springs, NM)

You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. The 900 pixel wide images dominate each post, and you get a high-rez version on any Retina-screen device. Zoom in on this sucker from your iPad or iPhone, for example, and it stays in focus longer. I’ll bet three people know that. But I’m always taking pictures—it’s a thing [...]

For Behold, Los Ojos in the Flesh!

Los Ojos in Jemez Springs

By the time you get here you’ll be glad you did

Someone said I ought to show you what it looks like. I hope they were right. Now it’ll just fill up with Albuquerque hipsters and the bikers won’t have anywhere to go. Yeah, right. Jemez Springs is nice, though. Quite the decent vibe. The first thing my wife said when we sat down at Los [...]

After That We Need a Drink

Los Ojos in Jemez Springs

Deer’s a-watchin’ everything you do

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. That would be the Los Ojos Restaurant and Saloon in Jemez Springs, NM. Besides a full bar and dishes like a 2/3 lb cheeseburger with bacon and green chile plus damn good service, there’s the opportunity to appreciate the fine art of taxidermy as you sit surrounded by [...]

Tragic Bighorn Teleport

bighorn sheep in the wall

Oh the horror

Accident prevention is up to you! This graphic photo shows what can happen when placing wild animals in the transporter without proper restraint. In this case, leaping spontaneously out of the beam also affected the coordinates, resulting in the fatal rematerialization you see here. – Ship’s Safety Officer »Buy This Photo!«



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