Here We Are

Ranchos de Taos scene

Great big truck o’ gas beside the Ranchos church one lovely afternoon

There must be all kinds of ways to do this. Fortunately the unconscious never quits. This time I was walking with my wife through the hall of a large building like a college dorm except with wider corridors and clean white walls. There was some kind of event and we were staying there. The hall [...]

Circle in the Clouds

Rio Pueblo gorge

Looking south out of the Rio Pueblo gorge to the canyon of the Rio Grande. Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

A few years back I had a vision in a dream. We were standing outside in the night. A glowing ring shot down from a storm cloud at UFO-speed, hovered, checked us out on all sides, and zoomed silently away. I took this as a benediction. Later there was a storm and dark gray water [...]

Blue Water in the Sun

Native artifacts and sculptures on my desk

The bronzes are mine, the rest are Native and who knows

I was walking down a hill beside a silver forest. The trees were straight and thin like leafless aspens close together, but metallic, alien, and inorganic. The grass along the edge of the woods was purple-black. I bent down to look at something curious I can’t recall and then moved on. The path led to [...]

Juan del Llano Follows Through

an awful view of part of Taos

Telephoto image from across the road

Winter is fast upon us, thought Juan del Llano. The distant mesa was still bare and ugly with houses that looked like they’d geysered up from hell and fallen back to earth, but soon brown roads of mud would criss-cross snowy whiteness littered with for sale signs and the world would be as one. (His [...]

This is Not a Photo Blog (Hah!)

garage in Jemez Springs, NM

When I’m not here ↓ I’m making space for writing (Image: Jemez Springs, NM)

You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. The 900 pixel wide images dominate each post, and you get a high-rez version on any Retina-screen device. Zoom in on this sucker from your iPad or iPhone, for example, and it stays in focus longer. I’ll bet three people know that. But I’m always taking pictures—it’s a thing [...]


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