One Fine Week in the Mountains

Mountains south of Taos, NM

The thing once seen that never goes away

I never told you about the coyote, did I? It was maybe a week ago. For some reason I was standing behind the glassed-in screen door from the bedroom to the back yard looking out. A second later, a big brown coyote came up the path from “down by the acequia” and paused ten feet [...]

Volcano Peace Toilet

extinct volcano and Rio Grande gorge near Taos, NM

Yo, (extinct) volcano, yo. It’s peaceful. Toilet is below.

As I was settling in to write, perhaps about that extinct volcano and the Snowy Plains of Ishtar, I remembered I’d promised to call Gilbert the Plumber. Our landlady had given the go-ahead for him to replace the antiquated toilet with a new one, and we needed it—she actually said yes months ago, but we [...]

Coyote Toilet

“Quiet!” she hushed, raising an index finger to her lips and cocking her head. She meant it, so I shut up. Seconds passed. “What is it?” I asked softly. “Like something outside, a wild animal, coyotes howling or something,” she replied, still searching for a match. Personally, I didn’t wonder. It’s hard to hear through [...]



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