Kathy on a visit

Had to burn the deck and fencing six months later to keep warm

A JHF classic from June 7, 2004. My wife was living in Dubuque, IA taking care of her mother and teaching music. I wrote this after a visit. We were only able to get together several times a year back then. “What do black widows look like?” asked the special guest from northeast Iowa. The [...]

Dubuque 2015

Mississippi River at Dubuque

Looking downstream. Illinois left, Iowa right. »Buy This Photo!«

I was so busy (apparently) on our recent trip to eastern Iowa that I never had a chance to post anything while we were there. No biggie, it was mostly family—eat, visit, and nap, you know?—and live in clean rooms with real closets and such. I only went crazy a couple of times. Oh yeah, [...]

Road Trip: Iowa Mystery Photo

mystery grimaces in downtown Dubuque

Iowa, Iowa

The downtown art show in Dubuque did give me a somewhat unwelcome sense of deja vu—memories of when I used to sit for hours in a booth trying to look cheerful while no one bought anything—and it was hot and humid, but I don’t think either of those are what my wife and sister-in-law are [...]


Sangre de Cristos Mountains near Taos, NM

Moving north (from R to L): Taos Mountain, Kachina Peak, and El Salto from Taos Valley Overlook

Home again for barely a week, then off again. I still haven’t unpacked my gear bag from the last adventure. But at least some things are clear now. The biggest change precipitated by my Maine trip is probably acceptance of where I am (which has to do with something else entirely). Not that there aren’t [...]



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