98 Red River, Austin, TX (demolished)

A sacred temple of my past

Last October I received this photo in an email from from my brother: 98 Red River in Austin, Texas, my home in ’66 and ’67, a time like no other in my life, had finally bitten the dust. I can’t begin to tell you all the things that happened there. Not just to me, either—the [...]

Hot Bug! (Video)

Oh, I like this! A customized and chopped vintage Volkswagen with a glorious hotrod engine! Looks like a ’56 to me. The gearshift almost poking through the sunroof has a skull knob, too (hard to see). My brother @RudeBoyRobbo shot this iPhone video on the street in downtown Austin back in April. He drives a [...]

My sister died last night. I can’t imagine life without her on this earth. Teresa my buddy, my friend, my teacher… She found out sometime in May that she had terminal liver cancer. For the record, that means you starve and swell up until something breaks. Last night it did, apparently while I was lying [...]



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