Zorro Salutes the Crowd

Zorro at Taos fiestas parade

I once saw Ed texting from horseback while waiting for a traffic light

What’s a Fiestas parade without Zorro? (That would be Las Fiestas de Santiago y Santa Anna.) This fellow is actually a well-known Taos artist whose work I admire. (His wife is a fabulous artist, too.) I also have great respect for how he’s put his life together here, insofar as I’ve been able to pick [...]

¡Vivan las Fiestas!

fiestas parade about to start in Taos, NM

Who could ask for anything more?

The parade is about to start. Behold the angel of mercy bearing hot dogs and iced tea. Six blocks at least in the twinkling of an eye, absolutely brilliant! I’ll post some parade photos soon, but at the moment it’s 2:14 a.m., so… (The sun goes into Leo tomorrow, yay!) »Buy This Photo!«



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