Amazing Discoveries

Bullock’s Oriole on feeder

Western (Bullock’s) oriole on hummingbird feeder. They can wreck them in short order.

The big news is that the orioles are back, as anyone can plainly see. Also of passing interest is that I have either eliminated the middleman or else he just left, and now the lights are back on. That’s a good way to put it, I think, even if the truth is that it’s always [...]

Remember Who You Are

late afternoon light on ridges below  Picuris Peak

Late afternoon light on ridges below Picuris Peak

I have a friend who sent me a photograph of light reflecting off a piece of obsidian crystal and wrote, “View deeply, remember who you are.” Now that is very cool. It came precisely at the moment when I needed a reminder. Today I went hiking on the same trail from which I took the [...]

Arroyo Lust [Revised]

arroyo south of Taos

Time to take a little stroll?

When I was a kid, places like this held amazing powers of attraction for me. They still do. The camera doesn’t do it justice, though. This arroyo is almost 20 feet deep, and I had to be careful about not falling in when I took the shot. Consider that the sagebrush is about two to [...]



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