Chthonic Power

Taos Mountain in the clouds

Taos Mountain telephoto shot one hour into Spring »Buy This Photo!«

From the bowels of the Earth it came! The unimaginable magma from 1.8 billion years ago is now igneous Precambrian rock that lies atop the mountains and the high cliffs of the Rio Grande Gorge, the oldest exposed rock in the state. Metamorphic rock from sediments deposited at the bottom of an ancient ocean 1.7 [...]

Arroyo Lust [Revised]

arroyo south of Taos

Time to take a little stroll?

When I was a kid, places like this held amazing powers of attraction for me. They still do. The camera doesn’t do it justice, though. This arroyo is almost 20 feet deep, and I had to be careful about not falling in when I took the shot. Consider that the sagebrush is about two to [...]



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