Arroyo Fire

red desert flowers

iPhone 6s Plus shot, straight from camera, cropped

I knew we’d find some as the weather warmed up, and there they were, at the bottom of an arroyo on a mesa where we sometimes go to hike. It was a gorgeous day. Any day I can walk a fast three miles at seven thousand feet and not need to be rescued is pretty [...]

arroyo outside of Taos, NM

No, really »Buy This Photo!«

The way was tight, but Juan del Llano persevered, stepping over clumps of cactus and sharp edges of broken sage to plant his boots in unmarked golden sand. It was precisely this that drew him to explore such places, quiet, mysterious, and protected, where secret magic dwelt. In that way there was always something precious [...]

Prehistoric Rat Skull

rat skull

Black volcanic rock from Wild Horse Mesa in southern CO

So I’m walking up this arroyo, maybe 12 feet deep, killing time while I wait in vain for those itty-bitty cactus flowers to open, glancing down at my feet for anything cool that might have washed down from the hills—once upon a time—looking up and down the sides where the water cut through, scanning for [...]




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