Before the Midnight Snow

backyard in Llano Quemado, NM

Back yard looking roughly east »Buy This Photo!«

Aremarkable thing happened the other night while I was editing my latest book. It has the coolest cover, dangerous at this stage, and the work moves on in fits and jerks. Another Day in Paradise, the title taken from a biker’s shouted greeting on the trail, is supposed to be a collection of my best [...]

Dawn in Llano Quemado

Dawn in Taos

A few degrees above zero when I shot this

Somehow I was up early enough to take this picture a few days ago. Who knows if the light breaking over the mountains here is any kind of portent, but I am having lots of fun formatting my new book for print. This interest in laying out a physical book is something of a first [...]

Juan del Llano Follows Through

an awful view of part of Taos

Telephoto image from across the road

Winter is fast upon us, thought Juan del Llano. The distant mesa was still bare and ugly with houses that looked like they’d geysered up from hell and fallen back to earth, but soon brown roads of mud would criss-cross snowy whiteness littered with for sale signs and the world would be as one. (His [...]



Alert! Or not! Or what?

Not much to report, but I feel like that rabbit. So many things are in the air. Major changes are coming, but what will they be? My personal astrology is pretty wild right now. Why should that matter to you? Hah! It probably doesn’t! Meanwhile in the “Finish the Fucking Book” Dept., I have a [...]

My Latest at Medium

example of Medium.com cover photo

Same text, different context

Just letting you know that I’ve republished another JHFARR.COM post at Medium. You can always access everything I post there via “Medium” in the navigation menu, of course, but I wanted to show you what a cover photo there looks like. Nifty, eh? If you compare the piece to how it looks here, you’ll see [...]



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