Circle in the Clouds

Rio Pueblo gorge

Looking south out of the Rio Pueblo gorge to the canyon of the Rio Grande. Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

A few years back I had a vision in a dream. We were standing outside in the night. A glowing ring shot down from a storm cloud at UFO-speed, hovered, checked us out on all sides, and zoomed silently away. I took this as a benediction. Later there was a storm and dark gray water [...]

Golden Wet Leaves of the Gods

cottonwood leaves in clear water in New Mexico

Most of these are underwater. Can you tell where the surface is?

A little voice told me to take my camera with me on my hike today, but of course I didn’t, so naturally I encountered three tarantulas! The third one was the biggest I’ve ever seen, crawling along the bottom of an arroyo. At any rate, that’s why you’re looking at those underwater leaves in the [...]



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