Just Another Sunset

Taos sunset

Miranda Canyon idiots run the stop sign on that hill at 50 mph every day.

We’d just finished our Labor Day picnic dinner of ham sandwiches in the living room. The front door was open and the air was getting cool. I decided to change my clothes, since I was still wearing the same shorts and aloha shirt I’d put on to do a quick mile and a half walk [...]

Don’t Let ‘Em Out at Sunset

driveway view at sunset with cat

This one’s been known to push it

We had a cat named Clementine once. She was a beautiful short-haired blue-black kitty with dark chocolate colored skin on the bottom of her paws. “Bad to the bone,” I always said of her. We lived out in the country on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. One evening she wanted to go out at sunset [...]

Flaming Sky

Taos sunset

Digital image not altered in any way

I was washing the car the way I do before a trip. No way will I head on down the road in a dirty machine. This was taking care of business, then, and yet extremely satisfying. I’d already been under the hood. The engine was pretty wholesome to start with, except for some dust. But [...]

Yesterday’s Sunset

cool sunset photo from Taos

Yes, it really looked like that.

Here’s a new photo for you while we go to Santa Fe today so my wife can have a root canal, oh my. Be that as it may, the endodontist is a cool guy, has great drugs, she’ll be fine, and it’s a gorgeous day for a drive through the canyon. I may leave this [...]


Taos, NM sunset

Last night in Llano Quemado

As usual, there’s a lot of trouble damn near everywhere. At any moment it could get a lot more awful, too. One hardly knows where to begin, so I won’t. But it doesn’t weigh so heavy on me these days and hasn’t for a while. For now at least, I’ve pretty much lost interest in [...]



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