Cool and Damp at 7,000 Feet

steer skull

Found this guy upside down in a piñon tree. You can read that tale in BUFFALO LIGHTS.

Yesterday was a wonder. Real mountain weather. For most of the morning and afternoon, the air had an electrifying coolness under bright sun with just enough humidity to pull you in and not enough to make you leave. We drove into town on a water run to fill the 5-gallon jug at Cid’s. I found [...]

Monsoon Mountainscape

Near Taos Mountain in the rain

Always sunny in New Mexico

This was the view from the road above the house around 7:00 p.m. today. If we ever move—which we really have to do because we need more space to live like grownups—I may not be able to just step out the front door, walk 100 yards, and take a shot like this. Then again, I [...]

Monsoon Season

rain clouds over Taos Valley

Taos Valley Overlook (of course) on a recent evening

No, we’re not exactly underwater here, although Albuquerque got hit with a monster storm the other day. But there hasn’t been a summer like this for a few years. The way it works (when it does work) in the desert southwest is, humid air sweeps up from Mexico and we have thunderstorms in the afternoon [...]



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