Picuris Peak

Remember Who You Are

late afternoon light on ridges below  Picuris Peak

Late afternoon light on ridges below Picuris Peak

I have a friend who sent me a photograph of light reflecting off a piece of obsidian crystal and wrote, “View deeply, remember who you are.” Now that is very cool. It came precisely at the moment when I needed a reminder. Today I went hiking on the same trail from which I took the [...]

Even More Clouds

Clouds at the base of Picuris Peak near Taos, NM.

Can’t knock mountains just outside the door, no sir

The things you can do with a telephoto lens! I love being able to pull in a scene like this. This is a shot of the hills at the base of Picuris Peak. From our location, that means you’re looking south. Basically, I just walked to the top of the driveway and there it was. [...]

More Clouds

Clouds over Miranda Canyon

Clouds over Miranda Canyon hiding Picuris Peak

You come to appreciate clouds, living in New Mexico. First because they’re usually welcome, and second because you can see them in the clean dry air. This is a morning view up by the trash can looking south. Mysterious enough, okay, but if I’d taken my camera with me on my hike this afternoon, I’d [...]

Picuris from Miranda Canyon Road

Picuris Peak in the snow south of Taos, NM

Picuris is the one you can’t see, farther back, hidden in the clouds

That’s Picuris Peak up there somewhere and Miranda Canyon straight ahead. For different reasons, you can’t see either one. A bunch of us killed a fancy housing development up that way a few years back. I only played a tiny part, but I drew blood. The project had a PR campaign that treated the community [...]



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