big wood pile in Taos

Yee-haw whoopy-doo

Man, I am set. Not one, but two full pickup loads of split 500-year-old piñon! Never mind that it hasn’t snowed sinced mid-December and we’ve had sunny days in the fifties. Winter still might make a comeback, and if it does, well hey. You can read about the wood and UFOs and more in this [...]

Old Photo Weirdness

weird old photo

Yes, I already thought of coneheads

Who are these people? I found this in the vast horde of uncataloged photos I rescued from my late Aunt Mary’s house in Maine. They look like long-ago relatives of mine—there must be some shared DNA—but I have no idea. Maybe my upstate New York kin? And look at that guy’s hands!—are those farmer hands [...]



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