Real New Mexico Stuff

horses on a road in Taos, NM

I’ve seen people walk their dogs like this

Those horses aren’t going to move themselves, so I guess that’s why they’re tied to a truck. We don’t mess around down here. The man looking at me over the horse’s butt is a neighbor. You can’t see, but he’s leading three or four more, with a loose colt running alongside. His father is driving [...]

New Garbage Can

garbage can and water towers outside of Taos, NM

Winter is approaching, this will stand out in the snow

Everyone else’s is dark brown and ours is green. For that and other reasons, this is kind of a special deal. For over ten years there’s been a sharing arrangement with the garbage can. When the dead landlord was alive, we had a bigger thing we called “the dumpster” that I burned up one night [...]



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