Missed This 29 Years Ago

Tito Larriva and the Cruzados, chilluns. Just played the top one twice through good headphones at maximum volume and got honest-to-God goosebumps both times. (The second one is Tito and Tarantuala in HD from 2008!) One huge tip o’ the hat to Santino J. Rivera (check out his Tumbler, too) for sending me to this [...]

house in Wall Lake, Iowa

Just look and read below

This is the little house in Wall Lake, Iowa where my wife the classical pianist lived until she was three years old. We visited it on the way to Dubuque. Next door on the right is the house where an older woman lived whom she used to visit as a child. According to her, she’d [...]

There’s Something Going On

Taos Mountain (detail)

More telephoto goodness shot not 200 yards from where I fall over the obvious

Why can’t I do it? Oh, but I can. JUST LOOK AT THAT! For now I leave you with the mountain and the spoken introduction to a song I just discovered, “Jesus Built My Hotrod,” by Ministry. I wish I could play it for you here. (I found it on Spotify.) Great throbbing bass thrash [...]

February Love Song

The whole thing was her idea. Since our favorite restaurant was featuring music of a certain kind with dinner on Valentine’s Day, my wife suggested taking me there the night before, which worked out splendidly. The place was relatively quiet, uncrowded, and the food was wonderful—it always is. Meanwhlle, the lady was flying high. She’s [...]

2011: The Video

Hah! Now we’ve got a video. Here’s the background: In 1981 after Reagan was inaugurated, I wrote a song called “2011” [pronounced twenty-eleven] about a dystopian future I was sure would follow. Riffing on a film based on a Harlan Ellison novel called “A Boy and His Dog,” the idea was, I’d be 65 years [...]



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