Missed This 29 Years Ago

Tito Larriva and the Cruzados, chilluns. Just played the top one twice through good headphones at maximum volume and got honest-to-God goosebumps both times. (The second one is Tito and Tarantuala in HD from 2008!) One huge tip o’ the hat to Santino J. Rivera (check out his Tumbler, too) for sending me to this YouTube page where I got the skinny on the Plugz (which I’d at least heard of, once upon a time) and a link to the first video. From said page, for those of you in a hurry:

The Plugz were the great Mexican-American punk band from early 80’s Los Angeles, led by Tito Larriva. They backed Bob Dylan at one point, and achieved cult fame on the “REPO MAN” soundtrack with their spanish cover, “Hombre Secreto” (“Secret Agent Man”). Less known is this closing track to the film which is a loving tribute to Morricone’s western scores.

Tito went on to front The Cruzados and act in the Talking Heads’ film “True Stories”. He’s appeared with his band Tito+Tarantula in Robert Rodriguez’s movies, including appropriately enough “ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO”.

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  • christian ienni May 20, 2013, 12:41 PM

    YES!!!!!! THAT’S what you need to hear first thing monday!!! 🙂
    i think i even remember seeing this once way back when, in the long bygone days when mtv used to actually play music videos (what a concept!).
    and of course i’ve always been a big fan of Repo Man, both the film (just got the brand new Criterion edition dvd!) and the soundtrack. and that post is right: “Hombre Secreto” is the well known hit, but the end titles instrumental is an awesome Morricone homage that really deserves a lot more love.

    “A repo man’s life is always intense!”

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