Magpie Twilight

magpies in trees at twilight

Just a few in this shot, sometimes hundreds at once

Every evening they gather in the nearby cottonwood trees in large flocks before flying up to Miranda Canyon to roost for the night. I call this the “magpie train,” although it might more aptly be called a river of birds. I don’t know where they go, exactly, up in the canyon, or why. It has [...]

A Greater Love

Taos Mountain with magpies

Taos Mountain with magpies on their way to roost in Miranda Canyon

There’s been so much sunshine this year. Hardly any snow. Day after day of clear blue sky and big bright sun. You get addicted and expect it and it usually shows up. Like how when you stop trying to “fix” things so hard, something else gets better, and then you just go with that. The [...]

Hawk on the Windshield

I just had a very close encounter with a big brown hawk. A couple of feet away would qualify, yes? This happened less than a mile from home. I was at the top end of the road where the pavement ends. About two singlewides from my turn, I drove all at once into a screaming [...]



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