Knock Knock

vista near the gorge

Take away the freeways, something happens »Buy This Photo!«

I was walking along this escarpment a couple of days ago. The wind was strong and blowing from the west, hitting the cliff below straight on, blasting an updraft over the top. Moments before I took this photo, a pair of turkey vultures swooped up from the arroyo below, riding on the current! It was [...]


black-chinned hummingbird

Black-chinned hummer at the feeder yesterday

“Just write,” they tell me. “Just write.” Something wants expression and I’m the one to do it, but not for the last few weeks. Editing the soon-to-be published collection of blog posts I wrote during my mother’s final chaotic last four years on Earth precludes any letting go to be creative. It’s also like washing [...]

Hummingbird of Doom

strange look from hummingbird

NSA’s got nothin’ on the wrath of Bird

“You must have done something, otherwise it wouldn’t be looking at us like that!” She was right, of course, but so what? Now the Great Avenger of Righteous Karma had us in his sights. You can’t hide from these things, they’re like organic drones from Hell. Poke your eyes out, sew your lips shut, chase [...]



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