Leave That Cowboy Stuff at Home

town park in Cimarron, NM

Looks like the dirt could use some soil amendments, though

It’s rough, I know, but sometimes there must be sacrifices. I shot this from the parking lot at the Cimmaron Visitor’s Center, which in fairness only has space for maybe half a dozen cars. There’s plenty of space on both sides of the street, however, and yes, I know it’s Sunday. It strikes me this [...]

Real New Mexico Stuff

horses on a road in Taos, NM

I’ve seen people walk their dogs like this

Those horses aren’t going to move themselves, so I guess that’s why they’re tied to a truck. We don’t mess around down here. The man looking at me over the horse’s butt is a neighbor. You can’t see, but he’s leading three or four more, with a loose colt running alongside. His father is driving [...]

Cowboy Guru

cowboy on horse at Taos Valley Overlook

Santa Fe is only about a week away via the old Camino Real trail in those mountains

Here he is again! I met him the other day for the third time on the Rift Valley Trail at Taos Valley Overlook. This time we chatted and shook hands. Maybe the next time, we’ll actually exchange names. This is the man who famously told me at our first meeting after I mentioned my age, [...]



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