Another Chama Corvair

second-generation Corvair

No reason to lock it up in Chama

This is the second generation Corvair, which covered the model years from 1965 to ’69. I was around back then but don’t recall seeing very many. Of course, the government was trying hard to kill me then and I didn’t have much time for cars. (Funny how that focuses the mind.) The second generation was [...]

Corvairs Manifest in Chama

1964 Corvair convertible

1964 or three or maybe sixty-two

I‘ve seen some strange things in my day. Had a deputy sheriff security guard staple a ticket stub to my collar at the Sex Pistols gig at Randy’s Rodeo in San Antonio. Saw Captain Sensible of The Damned do an encore in the nude at a nightclub in D.C. And then there was the time [...]



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