Cooper’s hawk

Hawk Watch

Cooper’s Hawk

Telephoto shot from near my desk

Another whomp against the window. I jumped up, and there he was! This Cooper’s hawk must know a good thing when he sees it. Last night it snowed, and when I finally put out fresh birdseed in the morning, it attracted quite a crowd. You can’t tell from this picture, but that rock he’s resting [...]

Ripped Out of the Sky

Cooper’s Hawk with downed black-headed grosbeak

If he grabs you, better keep real still

A loud whomp against the window glass usually means a bird, so I got up to look outside. The trick is to find the unconscious feathered missile before the cat does and move it to a safe place; if its neck isn’t broken, the victim usually revives and flies away. That wasn’t the case with [...]



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