gray fox

Fox(es) on the Prowl!

gray fox

This ain’t over yet

Talk about a biological disruptor… Everything is different at our rented adobe on the hillside, and it’s all his (?) fault. Furthermore, we can’t agree on whether the critter’s “big” or “small,” and I suspect there’s more than one. The first sighting was two weeks ago. There he was, plain as day, a fine gray [...]

Fox Alert!

gray fox

Cute and cuddly and fast. Climbs trees. Eats anything.

The alert is for me, to make me pay attention. You’re looking at a gray fox in the back yard, just underneath a bird feeder. It’s been coming around to eat the sunflower seeds that fall down to the ground. The way I found it was, I went to let the cat in but she [...]



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