How to Feed the Birds

chipmunk on bird feeder

Our kitty-cat always starts with the head

You people on antidepressants don’t know what you’re missing. How are you ever going to know who stole your seeds? Personally, I’d rather be just fine for thirty days and then go catatonic in the morning. A certain constellation under a half moon, an overlay of weaknesses that line up with the map. Before I [...]

Spring at 7,000 Feet

Looking northwest from Llano Quemado

This picture is so brilliant, I don’t know where to start

Warm and windy now, about 67 °F (19.5 °C), humidity 16%. You can do anything in weather like this, because the sun is glorious but you don’t get sweaty. So long as what you’re working on doesn’t blow away, it’s kind of miraculous, really. That cool/warm thing where you’re fine in shorts and T-shirt so [...]