Bighorns By the River

bighorn sheep, female

What a privilege to be here

We were driving along the Rio Grande a few miles north of Pilar at the southern end of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument when we spotted about a dozen female bighorn sheep in two separate groups, one of which was moving down toward the river to drink. After parking in a day use [...]

Bighorns on the Brain

Callie the Wonder Cat in Taos, New Mexico

MY GOD, you didn’t bring them with you, did you? »Buy This Photo!«

No, that is not a bighorn sheep, but Callie the Wonder Cat will have to do. The reason is that when it comes to my regular hiking near the gorge, unless the clouds are interesting or I have an intuition, I usually travel light like I did Tuesday morning and leave my camera at home. [...]

Bighorns in the Gorge

Bighorn sheep in the Rio Grande Gorge

They blend in better when their butts don’t show!

Behold another shot from the epic Super Bowl afternoon at the Orilla Verde area of the new Rio Grande del Norte National Monument! Down along the river, in other words, which is flowing strong and clear right now. It’s amazing that money sometimes does get spent for something this important, and I think the whole [...]

Tragic Bighorn Teleport

bighorn sheep in the wall

Oh the horror

Accident prevention is up to you! This graphic photo shows what can happen when placing wild animals in the transporter without proper restraint. In this case, leaping spontaneously out of the beam also affected the coordinates, resulting in the fatal rematerialization you see here. – Ship’s Safety Officer »Buy This Photo!«

More Bighorns

bighorn ewes at Taos Valley Overlook

Comin’ through!

There’s the second one (in front)! I’m still reeling from the experience I had Monday, when I was able to sit down and be a part of this scene. There’s so much that’s right about this, I hardly know where to start. First, that it happened at all. Second, that it happened to me: a [...]




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