Hope of the World [Revised]

double-exposure from the family vault

Don’t be hanging in between

Man, I know the feeling. This double-exposure from a trove of family photos I shipped back from Maine after my Aunt Mary died says it all. I can’t make out the license plate—and what is that thing on the bumper?—but “family” suggests Maryland, West Virginia, or New York (Elmira, Big Flats). I remember double-exposures, too. [...]

U.S. Army officers with B-25 during WWII

The places they went, the things they saw

Dear God, do I love B-25s. All these WWII aircraft make my little heart go pitty-pat, because I lived and breathed this stuff from a very early age. Since this is another image from my late Aunt Mary’s WWII photos from the South Pacific, I’m going to guess that this is New South Wales, Australia [...]

WWII: 118th General Hospital

118th General Hospital (U.S. Army)

NOTE: see comments! This shot is apparently not the Herne Bay location but Leyte in the Philipines!

Another gem from my late Aunt Mary’s stunning photo collection, much of which consists of hundreds (or thousands) of loose photographs in envelopes and boxes. The original of this is only a little bigger than a credit card. To find out where this is, all I had to do was google “118th General Hospital“—thank God [...]

U.S. Army surgeon in operating room, WWII

Photo badly damaged but magnificent and eerie

My wife and I dug a little deeper into my late Aunt Mary’s incredible trove of World War II photos. She was an Army nurse with the Johns Hopkins unit and helped patch up wounded GIs all over the South Pacific. The shot above is unlabeled but may be from an 8th Army hospital on [...]


Your humble author in Dec. 1971

Shot on a Christmas visit with my parents in Houston in ’71

In the fall of ’71, it was just me and the woods. One hundred and seventy acres of them, spread across the western slope of a long forested mountain riven with streams and waterfalls. “Yellowhammer Farm,” we called it, back when there was a we. Several of us had gone in together to buy 170 [...]


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