Zombie Refrigerator Discovery

Mexican figurine

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That’s from the dead landlord’s apartment. When did he die, 2008? His niece inherited the property. The place has been sealed up since some relatives took away his antiques about a year later. Our landlady—the niece—wanted me to check it out and sent a key, but it didn’t work, and I had to call a locksmith. So that’s roughly six years since the door’s been opened. I went in to look around. My oh my, a time capsule covered in mouse poop. But here’s the thing: the refrigerator was still on! Turned down low, but on. And there was food in there!

I’ll bet the electric water heater is still plugged in, too. Tomorrow I have to fix all that. The apartment and our house are on the same electrical circuit. If it costs ten bucks a month to run a refrigerator and a water heater turned way down, that’s $720.00, and we’ve been paying the electric bill!

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  • JHF March 17, 2015, 8:50 PM

    Content and orphaned comments deleted from original post that went stale. No big deal, but special thanks to commenter Bob for his remarks. There’s a lot going on at this end in the middle of my wife’s studio move, and yesterday was quite a day.

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