Acequia Close-up

acequia in Taos, NM

Current flowing right to left

Behold the mysterious acequia! (See preceding post) Otherwise known as the “ditch”—as opposed to a “mother ditch,” which would be wider and deeper—the surviving remnants of this colonial irrigation technology brought to Spain by the Moors are still massively important to agriculture and everyday life in northern New Mexico.* Too bad this section wasn’t properly [...]

More Colors of the Rio Grande

Rio Grande near Pilar, NM

Motherlode of truth

Tell me we’re not surrounded by love. See the different blues and greens and reds, the backlit droplets bouncing off the rocks, the reflections and the light. The water is moving fast from right to left. It’s all alive. We’ve even got two female goldeneyes (ducks) in there. I mean, you could start a religion [...]

Pilar, New Mexico

Pilar, NM

Only the sound of the water

Just look at all that water! This is the Rio Grande as seen from “downtown” Pilar—you’re looking downstream—and what a sight it is. There are homes on both sides of the river. We often imagine what it would be like to live here if we could: peaceful, certainly, and rather isolated. Taos is twenty minutes [...]

Down by the River

path along the Rio Grande

Path through salt cedars and willows

Down by the river and there’s just me making my way while the way makes me »Buy This Photo!«

House in Maine for Sale

house for sale in Maine

I took this shot in April. Lots greener now!

Someone needs to buy this. It’s my late Aunt Mary’s house in the country between Augusta and Vassalboro, Maine, about an hour from the ocean. Built in 1820 and extensively upgraded, it’s the kind of place I’d jump on if it were just a little cheaper (listed for $255K) and oh yeah, not in Maine. [...]




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