Wednesday Morning Elk [Revised]

elk head lying in the road in Taos, NM

Just another day in Llano Quemado

My wife drove off later for the grocery store. On her way out, a black dog (of course!) was gnawing on it. When she returned, the head was gone. There’s a thing about skulls and such in this part of the world, so I hope it doesn’t come back or end up wired to the branches of a tree beside someone’s front door.

Evening in the Suburbs

old truck in the driveway in Taos, NM

Funny how the camera takes the bumps out of the driveway

As you can see, it’s not the dead of winter yet. Sunny and dry, above average temps. There’s only a little mud, too, so that’s all right. Naturally it’s also getting darker all the time, but that’s how we like it out here in the terrible high desert when the icy cold begins to blow. [...]



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