Taos Valley Overlook

Irrational Joy

desert flower

What a world

Some days you just can’t and that’s all right. I wasn’t going to walk because of all the wet snow since Friday, but there was such a strange, positive energy in the air, I had to get out and move my body. I drove out to Taos Valley Overlook and took a different trail I [...]

FrontierLand Update

trail at Taos Valley Overlook

Two hours on this trail. I met one other person.

The glorious false (?) mid-April weather continues! We’re running fifteen to twenty degrees above average and have been for some time. There are stirrings in the natural world. Ravens are building nests. The big black carpenter ants have awakened from their winter slumber in the rotten vigas and sent scouts into the kitchen. I heard [...]

New Mexico Saturday

sunset from Llano Quemado

It’s not New Mexico without at least a little sun

A few days ago I was wound tighter than puke, loco, in the clutches of the Christmas monster. Fortunately, that passed, but by Saturday morning, I was overdue to take a hike. I hadn’t walked in several days, and already I could feel my knee-bones start to wander. They have their nerve. It was a [...]

Yellow Roads of Taos

Taos Valley Overlook scene

The pun is not too subtle, is it?

Something strange happens almost every time I’m out here. The energy on this particular stretch is rather strong, in fact. This is more or less where I once “fell” twice on successive days, going each way. The first time was a surprise. The second time, I was actually trying not to fall down, aware of [...]

Rift Valley Afternoon

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

Every mountain in this view is an extinct volcano (we hope)

Yes, it’s that view again. Why not? It’s different every time, and yesterday was perfect. I don’t have much to say right now, just look at this. That’s the gorge of the Rio Pueblo in the foreground, with the larger and deeper Rio Grande Gorge behind it. The tectonic plate on the other side thinks [...]



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