Missed Her Chance

Missed Her Chance post image

iPhone 6s Plus shot using Argentum B&W app and Ansel Adams filter

Callie the Wonder Cat didn’t quite make the deadline for the Apple “Shot on iPhone” contest. That’s because I took this one a few hours after, before I’d even heard of the thing, much less read the rules. It’s a good one, though, so I thought I’d post it.

After Dinner

view from Llano Quemado

iPhone 6s+ shot again. I love this thing.

Cold, damp, no wind. Quiet except for a few cows bawling in the valley. The scrunch of walking on wet sand. Smells of sagebrush and wet dirt. Snowed off and on today, sometimes a lot. Yesterday, too. For several days, actually. In the middle of that, we saw a hummingbird, so time to put the [...]

Irrational Joy

desert flower

What a world

Some days you just can’t and that’s all right. I wasn’t going to walk because of all the wet snow since Friday, but there was such a strange, positive energy in the air, I had to get out and move my body. I drove out to Taos Valley Overlook and took a different trail I [...]



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