Taos Junction Bridge

Another View

Another View post image

The latest version of Photoshop CC 2018 tempted me to play. Reminds me a bit of R. Crumb’s infinite cross-hatching style with the exception of the sky. This is actually a shot of the Rio Grande at the Taos Junction Bridge from late this afternoon, with the unpaved road to Carson curving up and to [...]

The Road to Carson (+Video)

the road from the Taos Junction Bridge up to Carson

There’s a vehicle in this photo if you can spot it

Presented for your edification and amusement, at least a portion of New Mexico State Road 567 climbing the wall of the Rio Grande Gorge after crossing at the Taos Junction Bridge on the way to Carson, shot from somewhere on the Rift Valley Trail at Taos Valley Overlook. Looks straight, doesn’t it? Hahaha. I used [...]

Rio Grande Gorge Plunge Video

You know the drill: don’t try this at home! (I’ll leave it to you to figure out just what that is.) This FotoFeed image shows where I was. What we have here is a cool video I just created of footage shot while descending from the west side of the Rio Grande gorge to the [...]



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