Taos County

Found It Again

Rio Grande view

No one here at all

We were half an hour down the road at 10 to 15 mph except for crawling over black volcanic boulders. The Dakota’s V-8 chugged happily enough that in the smoother stretches, I had the brief sensation I was piloting a boat at low speed in the vast high desert sea. And then we saw the [...]

Wednesday Getaway (Video)

The mighty Dodge Dakota took us quite a few miles into the outback yesterday. I’m happy to report that the expedition to the vicinity of Ute Mountain (Rio Grande del Norte National Monument) went perfectly. The truck had to crawl over boulders and in and out of holes and did so without scraping bottom once. [...]

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

Itty bitty piece o’ the national monument

“See that road? The way it goes way off to the right and then turns for those two hills?” “Maybe…” “You can tell how it must drop down into the that big valley between the plateau and the mountains in the far distance. I’ve always been curious what’s over that ridge. The view must be [...]

Ute Mountain Whammy

Ute Mountain from base of San Antonio Mountain

We saw antelope on the way back

That’s what it looks like in northern Taos County, with southern Colorado about ten minutes away. Take extra care up here. It’s baseball-bat-to-the-head bizarre. There’s an alligator farm just up the road. The gators live in pools fed by geothermally heated artesian wells. Free hot water! What else would you do with it, right? The [...]

“Cured Earth (Adobe)”

This excellent short video is number nine in the New Mexico True Stories series, which I only learned about ten minutes ago. (There’s some nice organ music background audio in the first video that opens at that link.) The video above is self-explanatory and appears to have been shot entirely in northern New Mexico. I [...]



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