Taos Spring Revealed

old Taos on a sunny spring day

I found that steer skull out on the mesa—in a tree.

It’s finally arrived! No wait, the sun just went behind a cloud, never mind. That’s the way it is around here, on the edge of slamming cold any day of the year. That’s why the sun is so important, otherwise no one could live at 7,000 feet. And yes, that is a big elm tree [...]

Mountain Town

Paseo del Pueblo Sur in Taos, NM

Paseo del Pueblo Sur before the double lanes

Today’s my honey’s birthday. I promised her I’d put the registration sticker on the license plate for her we when we got back from buying water, so up the drive I trod. Thirty-five degrees and breezy in full sun, no jacket. I did the job and put the registration card inside the glove box. While [...]

New Mexico Sun

rabbit in the Taos snow

Two rabbits in a row ought to win me some kind of award, or maybe an injunction

The true secret of New Mexico is the sun. No need to tell this fellow (?) about it, obviously. The sunlight pouring down at 7,000 feet is strong and full in the clean dry air. You instantly understand those photos of skiers standing around in their shirt sleeves. The sun just changes everything. Winter is [...]



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