Rabbit World

rabbit in the grass in Taos, NM

Look at this long enough and things will happen

It’s a jungle in the tall green. With the neighbors and their two cats moved away, the native grasses left to grow make food and shelter for all kinds of living things. I’ve left the grass alone at our house, too, with tactful trimming and some helpful paths. I’m astonished at the variety and beauty [...]

New Mexico Sun

rabbit in the Taos snow

Two rabbits in a row ought to win me some kind of award, or maybe an injunction

The true secret of New Mexico is the sun. No need to tell this fellow (?) about it, obviously. The sunlight pouring down at 7,000 feet is strong and full in the clean dry air. You instantly understand those photos of skiers standing around in their shirt sleeves. The sun just changes everything. Winter is [...]



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