Pretty But Old

snowy Taos scene

Compensatory beauty, always appreciated!

Forging ahead here, doing what must be done! Yes, I took that picture about two hours ago. Even though this is April 1 and no one can be trusted, I swear that’s the real deal, deposited overnight. It can start being spring whenever it wants to, as far as I’m concerned, but no one ever [...]

In the Western Sky

wintry sky in Taos, NM

My favorite volcano again, too

Out here in the Terrible High Desert™, winter likes to try to sneak back in this time of year, especially if it sees you trying to stretch that firewood. I should have known better, I’m probably responsible. A little of that cheapo bullshit goes a long way. At any rate, those long blue-gray descending plumes [...]

Adobe Dawn

snowy Taos scene

January 30, about 7:00 a.m.

Eat it up, you myth addicts. It’s amazing how this can grab you, even as you realize your cargo pants are a darker shade of khaki now because it’s too damn hard to even think about the laundry when you have to weight the hose down in the kitchen sink and dry stuff by the [...]

Clean and Cold

Taos Mountain in the snow and clouds

Taos Mountain, 12,310 feet. A 200mm telephoto shot from close by on the Llano ridge.

This is another view from Sunday. That’s Taos Mountain, of course, or Pueblo Peak, which almost no one calls it. Sometimes you see a ring of clouds like that around the mountains in the bitter cold that can develop after a heavy snow. The daytime high stays under freezing. More solar radiation bounces off than [...]

Idiot’s Surrender

car and snow, New Mexico.

Staring me right in the face

This one’s from yesterday. I was falling apart from the cold and snow and how we couldn’t get the car out—or was that this morning? All the days begin to feel the same in single digits! But when I walked out to scrape the windshield, something shifted. The frozen powder snow fell off the windows [...]



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