Rio Grande Gorge

Bighorns on the Brain

Callie the Wonder Cat in Taos, New Mexico

MY GOD, you didn’t bring them with you, did you? »Buy This Photo!«

No, that is not a bighorn sheep, but Callie the Wonder Cat will have to do. The reason is that when it comes to my regular hiking near the gorge, unless the clouds are interesting or I have an intuition, I usually travel light like I did Tuesday morning and leave my camera at home. [...]

Knock Knock

vista near the gorge

Take away the freeways, something happens »Buy This Photo!«

I was walking along this escarpment a couple of days ago. The wind was strong and blowing from the west, hitting the cliff below straight on, blasting an updraft over the top. Moments before I took this photo, a pair of turkey vultures swooped up from the arroyo below, riding on the current! It was [...]

Luck of the Damned

woman by the Rio Grande

Watching the Rio Grande rolling toward the sea

A lot of things are coming into clearer focus these days. What’s important, you might say. A healthy dose of universal truth, accepting that I’m part of something greater than myself and finally relaxing a little bit. I certainly didn’t get this far on my own power, did I? We always think we do, as [...]

Blargle Blargle Die

view from Taos Valley Overlook

New Mexico indeed

Forget about Taos. This is six miles south of town. When people say it’s beautiful here, they don’t mean Walmart, they mean this. And if they don’t, to hell with them, they only want to sell you something. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the old adobe buildings are gorgeous, even in their frozen-in-time [...]

Thoughts While Hiking

Rio Grande Gorge near Taos, NM

Two days before the solar eclipse

The first thing is, there are no mistakes. Anything I do results from all the forces acting on me at the time. I can look back and say something like, “I’ll bet she would have let me” or “I should have bought that motorcycle when I had the chance,” but why? No way could I [...]



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