Kit Carson museum

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Kit Carson Museum, Rayado

An amazing New Mexico experience

Experiencing broad-based evaluation, sensing, consideration of just about everything. Possible birthday fallout, right? Who knows where this goes, hopefully toward more good humor and the light. In the meantime, enjoy this cool image of, what should I call it, the eating area/kitchen of the restored hacienda that serves as the Philmont Scout Ranch’s Kit Carson [...]

Chickens in the Doorway

Kit Carson Museum, Rayado, NM

All that’s missing are the sounds of boots and spurs clinking on the old wood floor »Buy This Photo!«

Perfect. Utterly classic. The Kit Carson Museum in Rayado, New Mexico is basically a restored working hacienda. All the rooms are set up like they would have been in the 1840s with period furniture, buffalo hide rugs, everything authentic. Not pristine at all, but dusty and dim, a little bit disordered. It looks like the [...]

Birthday Present Sky

sky and prairie near Rayado, NM

Kinda makes me miss the buffalo »Buy This Photo!«

That’s the way it looked on May 17, the last time we were out there. Better than the way it looked, to tell the truth, but close enough. The location is south of Cimarron, somewhere between the Philmont Scout Ranch headquarters and Rayado, on a stretch of NM 21 that follows the original Santa Fe [...]



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