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Perhaps you’ve already seen this on Twitter. You could have, if you follow me. Speaking of which, I just tweeted out this link to a photo essay I posted to Medium. It pretty much covers the last few posts here, plus this video.

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example of cover photo

Same text, different context

Just letting you know that I’ve republished another JHFARR.COM post at Medium. You can always access everything I post there via “Medium” in the navigation menu, of course, but I wanted to show you what a cover photo there looks like. Nifty, eh? If you compare the piece to how it looks here, you’ll see [...]

I Got This

your humble author

Watch out!

There’s a new thing I’m trying out at Medium. It’s kind of hard to explain what Medium is, but I really like the formatting, and because of the way the site is configured, it’s possible to attract a lot of attention if you’re good. In fact, the opportunity may exist to greatly expand the number [...]



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